About Crypto CFD Trader

The Origin of Crypto CFD Trader

Crypto CFD Trader is a trading platform built with state-of-the-art AI intelligence capable of predicting current trends in the market.

The AI operates through a combination of historical as well as a predictive formulation that allows it to obtain a full 360-degree view of the current Bitcoin market rather than simply looking at it from a purely mathematical standpoint.

Our AI is capable of machine learning. As time goes on and it makes more predictions, it constantly gets more and more precise. It can learn from its mistakes, ensuring that it doesn’t make them again.

All of this is only possible thanks to the world-class team we have here at Crypto CFD Trader. Our software developers and AI specialists are some of the best in the world, and we’re all lucky to have them.

Developing Crypto CFD Trader

Development on Crypto CFD Trader started shortly after the Bitcoin boom in 2017. It’s taken over four years to build up the AI that we’ve implemented in our system, and in those four years, the landscape of Bitcoin has changed dramatically.

Every shift in the market brought about new changes. With that came additional challenges for our team. When we were making progress one way, something would happen that pulled our work in another direction. Out of all these diversions, none were as impactful as the 2020 pandemic. While we were slated for a mid-2020 launch date, the Coronavirus put a stop to that plan.

Our team was already hybrid, with some working from home and the others working together. The shift to fully remote working wasn’t as difficult as it could have been, but it still took a toll on the productivity of the team.

Everyone here at Crypto CFD Trader persevered, though, and eventually, we managed to get this program out for the public to make use of.

Releasing Crypto CFD Trader

We’re now at the point where Crypto CFD Trader has been launched publicly. It’s been a long and hard road getting the system operational, but the opportunity to make a positive impact on so many people’s lives has made it worth it.

Signing up with us only takes a few minutes and could be a lifechanging decision, so don’t waste any more time. Fill out our registration form, and you could be trading Bitcoin today.